Cogence Immunology

Unlocking the Causes of Disease and Dysfunction


The Course & The Learning Library

Cogence Immunology is both a course to be taken stepwise and also a learning library. You can watch any video in the learning library of 200+ videos, in any order, based on your needs and interests as a clinician. Most clinicians start with the Functional Immunology Intro Module. After that, most clinicians will work through the modules one at a time, while they’re also watching videos based on what topics draw their interest, or apply to a patient with whom they’re working. In this way, most clinicians use Cogence Immunology as both a course and a learning library.

Welcome to the Cogence Immunology Flipped Classroom!

What is a Flipped Classroom? A flipped classroom is a new, more efficient way to study complex material. In the flipped classroom model, lecture videos are the homework. Classroom time is spent on Q&A. In the Cogence flipped classroom, you watch functional immunology videos at your own pace. That’s the homework. You can post questions on the Q&A Forum or ask them in the weekly Q&A webinar. That’s the classroom. The flipped classroom model optimizes your learning experience by allowing you to engage the material whenever you want, at your own pace, in whatever environment suits your learning best.

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